7. apr. 2010

CFP: Special Issue on Sensor Intelligence & Data Fusion



Call for Papers


Special Issue on:

Distributed Intelligence and Data Fusion for Sensor Systems


in IET Communications (SCI Indexed)







Use of intelligence, data mining and data fusion has provided new momentum in

the use of sensors and converted WSNs into a new brand of dynamic, autonomous

and intelligent Distributed Sensor Systems. These features enable new smart

sensors to play new roles as intelligent nodes gathering, manipulating and

decimating data for more reliable and secure communication whilst performing

more efficiently using less energy and number crunching.


This special issue aims at presenting innovative and signifi cant research

papers on the design, implementation and evaluation of wireless sensors,

especially for use of distributed intelligence and data fusion.




Topics of primaryinterest include, but are not limited to:


* applications and deployment of intelligence in sensor systems and distributed

  data fusion

* sensor networking protocols and algorithms

* sensor network management protocol and systems

* cross-layer design and sensor network management protocols

* security of distributed intelligence in sensor networks

* inter-connection between distributed sensor systems

* testbed, experimental measurements & performance analysis

* systems for context sensing and context awareness

* tools and methodologies for sensory data fusion

* QoS provisioning protocols with data fusion technology

* collaborative in-network processing and data sharing

* use of Intelligence and data in energy harvesting






* Deadline for Submission of Paper:   01 July 2010

* Authors to receive a 1st decision:  30 September  2010

* Final notification of acceptance:   31 January 2011

* On-line and print publication:      Q1/Q2 2011



Paper Submission:

All papers must be submitted through the journal's Manuscript Central system:




Guest editors:


 Dr. Lei Shu (Corresponding)

 Nishio Lab., Department of Multimedia Engineering

 Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

 Osaka University, Japan

 E-mail: lei.shu@ieee.org


 Prof. Jaime Lloret Mauri

 Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

 E-mail: jlloret@dcom.upv.es


 Prof. Joel Rodrigues

 University of Beira Interior, Portugal

 E-mail: joeljr@ieee.org


 Prof. Min Chen

 Seoul National University, Korea

 E-mail: minchen@ieee.org



IET Publishing Dept. contact:

 Paul Rowley

 Editorial Assistant

 IET Communications

 E-mail: prowley@theiet.org


 Professor Habib F. Rashvand

 Series Editor

 IET Communications

 E-mail: h.rashvand@warwick.ac.uk


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